Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Peek at the Heart

Shifting gears from unpacking to unpacking - from the house to the heart.

This seems so impossible, like a million mile journey that must be summarized into a walk around the block.

Somehow the events of life: Moving, Mark's Dad dying, reading The Hiding Place, ISIS, the beginning of Lent have all woven themselves into the tapestry of my daily life, creating highlights and deep shadows, places for joy, sorrow, and deep contemplation.

The summary of it all is a quote that I found in The Hiding Place:

The center of His will is our only safety. His will is our hiding place. Let us pray that we may always know it.

As soon as I read those lines, I knew they were meant for me to cling to. I was sad to discover that they've been co-opted by the Prosperity Gospel crowd. I'm convinced that while these lines may include physical safety, they are a promise of our spiritual safety if we abide in the center of God's will.

As we moved...

As we witnessed the grace-infused suffering and holy death of Mark's Dad...

As I struggle with the evil in the world, especially the brutality in the Middle East...

As I search out the moment-by-moment will of God in my daily life...

...I lean into Christ, into the joy that can only come from God, into the truth that God will never abandon those who trust in Him, and ultimately into the truth that neither life nor death...can separate us from Him.

He has given me a peak into the reality that even in the depths of suffering, sorrow and mortal persecution, He is there. He provides grace for each moment.

Having this journey in mind, I now must bring it into my daily life, my home, and my interactions with my wonderful, lovable, hilarious, irritating, baffling, grace-growing children.

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Fernanda Powers said...

Beautiful post. I'm sorry for your loss of your father in law, my Uncle Iain. Please tell Mark I'm thinking of you all.