Thursday, February 9, 2017

Dear February, do you remember when...

I knew, at the time, that we were enjoying a particularly spectacular Autumn. Now, in the dreary depths of Winter, I'm so grateful I grabbed my newest toy and captured a few glimpses of those days. I share these, many of which have already been shared elsewhere, in case you, like me, need a little reminder of what color and life look like.

And, in case you were thinking that I, as a newbie photographer, have some special skill, I give you this, um, "portrait" of my kiddos. It's all sorts of awful, but I especially love that in an attempt to get a more natural smile from someone, I must've said, "Show me your teeth." Thank you, Lucy, for obliging.

1 comment:

Reenie said...

Love!!!! I especially love the pic of the kiddos. Hilarious. Those mums though... mmmmm... color.