Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Pioneering On, Reluctantly

This morning calls for a litany of thanks because, I'll just be honest, I'm not feeling so thankful. I'm under-the-weather, Lucy's intestines are screaming "I've got allergies, Momma!" it was a sleepless night filled with baby screams, grunts and poops, waking to our busiest day of the week, and trying to muster up motivation to eat bland chicken and rice so that Lucy can heal and we can recover.

So, I'm thankful for:

  • Four beautiful kiddos
  • An amazing, holy, selfless, handsome husband
  • A house that's not only a roof over our heads, but a testament to God's provision in our lives.
  • Friends and family close by!
  • The internet, which provides a portal to support on rough days (I've all but given up on the phone - kiddos are too nutty for that to work well and I'm convinced my hearing is sub-par)
  • Allergen-free ingredients that are easily accessible thanks to local stores and the internet
  • God, who loves us and pours out grace without measure, so that on days like this, I can lean on Him, offer up the bland food (hey, it's Advent, right?) and look beyond my own cross and remember that my fellow pilgrims are all carrying crosses as well; it's what all the cool kids are doing.
This little lady cracks me up. She insisted I do her hair like this. We weren't going anywhere, so I did. Pick your battles.
In other, happier news, I'm working on my pumpkin seed tofu post. I played the crazy-woman card and made some Thanksgiving morning, despite the fact that we were hosting just a few hours later. I took step-by-step pictures and hope to have it all up by tomorrow...maybe. Here's a preview:

And, to cap off this absurdly disjointed post, SUPER EXCITING NEWS. Yesterday I launched my etsy shop! Ever Ancient Ever New is up and running. I was thrilled to get my first etsy costumer within an hour of opening. Additionally, a friend bought a rosary and has since asked to purchase two more! I'm definitely feeling thankful to have a past-time that I enjoy, aids my prayer life, can bring in a little income, and brings beauty and the gift of prayer to others.
SOLD! ...but I'll have another in the works, soon.
If you love the rosary, are hoping to begin this devotion during the Advent season, or are hunting for a beautiful gift for someone in your life, please stop by Ever Ancient Ever New. If you're local, I'm happy to show you what I have available and what's in the works, with no obligation to buy.

There. Feeling better already. Now, on to breakfast. Chicken and rice. yum.