Sunday, August 24, 2014

August. It's not the School Year, Yet!

It's that time of year, again. I can't handle seeing "First Day of School" pictures posted on Facebook when it's August. I'm a firm believer that school should not begin until after Labor Day. Fortunately for me, I can put it off until whenever I choose. I have yet to pick our official "First Day of School" but I assure you, it's coming...after Labor Day.

Despite the term, The Lazy Days of Summer, our life has been going full speed ahead. I'm pretty sure I don't know anyone that has a lazy summer. For your enjoyment, here's our August photo dump.

We celebrated Lydia's feast day at Culvers where, upon singing Happy Feast Day, we were asked by multiple groups of people if we were all in a choir. Standards low, much?

We said goodbye to the Phillips, who are finally together as a family, and have moved to Kansas. Here, for your enjoyment, you can see the developmental differences between these cousins. Lucy's great at sitting. Ava's great at everything else.

Lydia's birthday follows quickly after her feast day. She was delighted to get her much-desired flip flops. No joke, these were 2 years in coming. Purple with sparkles. Doesn't get much more Lydia than this.

At some point, a curious child must have fingered the camera lens. Well, wouldn't you know, I didn't think to check that until I uploaded our precious photos. Enjoy the smudge, no extra charge.

Smudgie ambiance aside, do they get any cuter than this? Mush. My heart is mush.

Cuter? It's a tough call. Man I love my kiddos. Beach fun was finally had on our last full day of MI vacation. We had to wait all week for it, but it didn't disappoint.

After all that fun, what's left to do, but lie down in hall and go to sleep while your mom enjoys "sangria o'clock" with some of the greatest ladies in the world. 

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