Thursday, November 14, 2013

Trader Joe's. Love it? Hate it? Yes and Yes.

Trader Joe's is one of my stores. I try not to go there more than once a month, so when I do, I buy like a prepper. I stock up on the essentials:

  • Vanilla Rice Milk, 64 oz. 10 boxes.
  • Chocolate Chips. *Allergen free. Heck yeah they're essential! 5 bags.
  • Sunflower Seed Butter. 4 jars.
  • Coconut Cream in a can. 4 jars.
  • Smoked Salmon, wild-caught, 1 lb filet. Again, definitely essential. 1.
  • Cinnamon Almonds. You got me. These are nonessential. Definitely a splurge. But so good. 1 bag.

Now, tally up those items and picture my shopping cart. I'm used to the weird looks from the cashiers. But lemme tell you, if there's an apocalyptic event in the next month, we'll be eating all sorts of yummy allergen-free goodies. (Note: not all the items pictured are allergen-free.)

Back to the weird looks, I give 'em right my mind's eye. I'm not a confrontational person. But seriously, who designed this crazy store with shopping carts that are too small for an infant car-seat and yet provide only one infant-seat-attached cart, that's inevitably in use? Yeah, that's right Trader Joe's, you're not perfect. Your shopping carts are awful, your parking lot feels like rush hour and you offer a horribly claustrophobic shopping experience.  But you stock some reasonably-priced essentials. So I have to love you.

If you're ever in Trader Joe's and there's a crazy woman who suddenly belts out, "EVERYBODY MOOOOOOOVE"  (Andre the Giant, The Princess Bride), check to see if she's struggling to get four kiddos, a stroller, and a bulk-loaded shopping cart through the narrow aisles of the store. That'd be me.

What are some of your favorite Trader Joe's products? I haven't branched out much, but can you blame me? There's no room in my shopping cart.

*This post explains why TJ chocolate chips are no longer "kosher" yet still dairy-free. It also includes a photo of someone's stockpile that makes my stash look meager.

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Charity said...

I have the same love hate relationship with Trader Joe's. Most of my hate comes from the location and that is it ALWAYS packed!