Monday, May 2, 2016

One Year Ago

Today I was out in the beautiful sunshine, raking the weeping willow twigs that fall from the tree and multiply when they hit the ground. There is no end to them. No. End.

...And I thought to myself, it's a beautiful day, it will probably be a gorgeous evening (it is) and we have all these twigs that need to be burned. Perhaps tonight would be a good night for our first Spring fire.

...And I was taken back to a fire in our backyard exactly a year ago, this evening. A beautiful night filled with joyful hopes of a new Spring. The night before our world turned upside-down for nearly two months.

Tomorrow is not Joey's birthday, Praise God, but it is the anniversary of the beginning of our journey through fear and grace, sadness and hope, anxiety and peace, when my water broke at exactly 30 weeks along.

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I came across this picture of my little pumping station in the hallway-corner of our bedroom. I had to include it because it perfectly captures my existence through those NICU weeks.

Somehow appropriately, this area no longer exists, as it's been transformed into part of our gorgeous master bathroom.

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