Tuesday, March 17, 2015

And Then He Said...

This blog has taken a turn toward the introspective. I know I mentioned recently that I have a lot of "unpacking" to do, and while I tend to avoid airing all my laundry online, there are some things that I think are worth sharing.

Not a current picture, but a vision of what's to come.

The other day one of our daughters pranced into the kitchen and made some remark that prompted Mark to say, "You have a good self-esteem." She had no idea what that meant and wanted an explanation. Mark's words struck me. I haven't asked him if they were his own or if he picked them up elsewhere. Really, that's not the point. He said,

"It's seeing yourself as God sees you."

It's not

...as I see me.
...as Mark sees me.
...as my children see me.
...as my friends see me.
...as the world sees me.

I think the thing that makes this so striking is that in each of those not sentences, there are people who are fitter, smarter, prettier, more loving, funnier, handier... And if I allow my self-esteem to be based on any of those, I will inevitably fail. However, if I dare to see myself through God's eyes, I glimpse the true me - the weak and broken yet wholly and perfectly loved me. The me that in my brokenness, isn't required to fix myself, but to open myself to transforming grace.

I'm so grateful to have those words in my head, "as God sees you." There is no greater confidence-builder than to know that God sees me and He loves me.

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