Friday, June 27, 2014

In which I remember that I have a blog

Why hello world! Goodness gracious, it's been almost 7 months since my last post.  In that time I have:

- Completed our first year of homeschooling and learned a lot (me) in the process
- Hosted multiple groups of wonderful overnight guests in our home
- Made and sold rosaries in fits and spurts
- Tried, failed and re-evaluated countless allergen-free recipes
- Took up "running" i.e., shuffling inelegantly down the street in a jog-like motion
- Got sucked into a house/land-hunting frenzy

On that last point, yes, we are discerning the ifs/hows/wheres/whens/with whoms of moving (in the area) to a house that will better accommodate our family's needs. We had originally hoped to build on to this house, but as we investigated further, it didn't seem like a good fit, especially given our 1-car garage. I hate to leave. I love our home. But, for many space-related reasons, it seems like we may be nearing the end of this wonderful and richly blessed chapter of our lives.

Having caught you up on the goings-on around here, maybe I'll get back into blogging. I do enjoy it, but at the end of a day of caring the physical, emotional and mental needs of 4 little people, I don't have much left in me.

Please do say a prayer for us as we continue to seek the Lord's will for our home. It's been months of ups, downs and continual unknowns.

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