These cutie pies are the reason I do everything I do. 

Wife and mother of an ever-expanding brood, I'm a homebody who craves adventure, and a crazy dreamer and schemer whose lazy streak has been miraculously outmatched by my drive to diy (and a husband who lets no project go unfinished!) I'm an evolving personality with so many facets that I often don't recognize myself. Somehow in the midst of the crazy, I manage to keep my cornucopia of children fed, clothed, somewhat bathed, and decently educated. Don't ask me how I do it; it's all grace and coffee.

My blog title came to me as I raged against the endless challenge of cooking for a family with significant and occasionally bizarre dietary restrictions. I have seasons where this task seems easier and seasons where it is a millstone. Regardless, I'm stuck with it, and when I stumble on a successful recipe, I love to share it.

If you're up late, can't sleep and want to read more, head over to Who is the Reluctant Pioneer?

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